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Understanding and Promoting Carer Wellbeing

This research is funded by Palliative Care South East where all researchers work. Members of the research team are:
    • Principal researcher - Kelly Rogerson
    • Research manager - Julie Murphy
    • Research lead - Carolyn Ashton
    • Research consultant - Rochelle Dullard
    • Research administration - Shelley Quinlan

Purpose of the research

Thank you for your interest in participating in this research being conducted by Palliative Care South East. This voluntary survey relates to your experience as a carer, family member or friend, and the support you may have used or needed. We also seek to understand more about you, such as your age range, ethnicity and spiritual identity.

The survey is for people who are currently involved in care or support for someone receiving palliative care services.

You may have been a carer for a long period of time. Please provide feedback that tells us about the time when the person you cared for was receiving palliative care, instead of early in their illness. We want to understand more about your wellbeing during the time of their advanced illness and end of life care. We may also use the information from the survey in future research related to carer wellbeing.

This research is only open to people who have cared for someone receiving services from Palliative Care South East. We are aiming to survey more than 200 people.

The survey will be available until 23/04/2021. After that time, we will be unable to collect information for the research. However, if you feel you have relevant feedback for us at PCSE, please call us.

How do you complete the survey?

You can answer any or all of the questions. There are two sections, and each have multiple questions. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The sections have questions relating to:
    1. Your caring role
    2. Your culture

You are welcome to use the support of another person in completing this survey. We also invite you to support another carer or family member to provide their own additional feedback as we recognise that their experiences, perceptions and support needs may differ.

If you don’t complete it in one sitting, you can save your progress and come back to the survey at a later time without losing what you have already entered. Many of the questions are multi choice and you can select more than one option. There is also space to provide comments. You can skip any question you prefer not to answer.